New outlooks for 2016

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Opportunity Assistance Logo NewNew outlooks for 2016

This old website is going to be made new. New, in the sense that it will be updated more often. Also, a newsletter long defunct will be making it’s return. Opportunity Assistance was originally a tabloid which existed for many reasons. It existed for the purpose of providing an advertising avenue for those involved in mail order and direct mail businesses. It’s secondary purpose was for education of marketers. Thirdly, it was an avenue for news in the network marketing arena.

The original tabloid fell by the wayside. Very soon, a new version of an offline newsletter will will be published. It’s contents will be available here on this site also, in PDF.

The new version will contain articles that you can use for teaching your down-line to promote both through offline and online methods of marketing. Other tips to build your business will appear as well. There will also be stand alone articles on this blog, as well as recommended opportunities.

There will also be avenues to advertise within both the offline and online version of the newsletter.

There will also be articles that serve to inspire you, and also to keep you informed as to what is happening in the world’s of network marketing, e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

Do you want to learn how to be successful in network marketing? Or in affiliate marketing? Or in e-commerce in general? Do you want to keep up on new trends in affiliate marketing and network marketing? Do you want to find avenues of successfully advertising your program and products? If any of this is information that you are looking for then subscribe to this website.

Be ready as 2016 is going to be a really big year. Happy New Years to all.

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Sneak Peak Ahead

Although the current posts will remain a part of Opportunity Assistance they will soon be nothing compared as to what is to come. In the near future there will be daily posts about finding income opportunities and making the most of them. In addition there will be articles here and links to articles elsewhere which shall serve to show you how to make money online. Plus there will be articles here from my old tabloid Opportunity Assistance before I sell off the remaining copies as collector items.

Get ready for an exciting and educational 2015.

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There are several sites available now that pay someone to view ads. The draw to the advertisers is that people viewing these ads may sign up for the program being advertised. The advertiser’s cost includes a fee to pay the people looking at the ads.

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